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Day Programs

Goal: To establish self-confidence, personal power, and freedom. 


Our Day Programs have the ability to be custom tailored to fit the structure and schedule of the school/organization. Most sessions are set up to be 45 - 90min in length. During these sessions, we focus primarily on self-acceptance and becoming re-acquainted with who we are on the inside.


We have 2 options for content topics in our day programs:


1. Self Expression and Creativity 


We begin the session in a meditation focusing on coming into our bodies and becoming aware of the room we are in. We transition out of meditation and begin guided free movement around the room exploring what it is to move in our bodies focusing on how it feels. 

We then move into a collaborative choreography experience where we get to create from our own ideas. We wrap up with a discussion on what it means to express ourselves and the importance of doing so. This program will leave students empowered with an experience of self-expression and creativity. 


2. Meaning Making and Thought Processing


During this session, we work primarily in a group discussion format. We start to look at different perspectives on situations that typically occur in our adolescent and teen years; like perceived exclusion and miscommunications. We work through a process to discover our own power in making situations mean things about us. Often, when we perceive a situation as our fault we search for, "What does it mean about me?" The answer to this question is usually; "I am not enough", "I am wrong and bad", "No one likes me because...".

By providing our youth with the tools to work through their own thought processing when these perceived negative things occur will give them the power and freedom to choose how they respond. Allowing them to grow into adults who are self-aware and self-responsible. We facilitate a guide discussion using stories, real-life examples, and questions to get the point across.  

Girls that have participated in this session have said they have experienced a breakthrough in how they think about their experiences.  

To book a school session: 
Please email Madison at
All emails will be responded to within 48 hours! 
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