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About Us

She who's light shines unwavering will transform the world. Nothing can stop a woman who believes in herself. She will move the masses, save lives, and change the world. 

 Her Time 2 Shine facilitates a deep dive into self-discovery, self-love, and self-expression. Using methods that include: meditation, group discussion, artistic creation through dance, and journaling exercises.



Our Programs

Our programs are run for youth ages 7 - 18 and are age appropriate with consideration to the group we are working with. 



Day Programs


Goal: To establish self-confidence, personal power, and freedom. 

Our Day Programs have the ability to be custom tailored to fit the structure and schedule of the school/organization. Most sessions are set up to be 45 - 90min in length. During these sessions, we focus primarily on self-acceptance and becoming re-acquainted with who we are on the inside. 







Her Time 2 Shine Programs


Goal: Create a deep sense of love and community, deep dive into self, and long-term personal development and leadership for girls.

Our Collaborative Programs work with pre-existing communities of young women long-term (minimum 12 weeks). We use movement, meditation, discussion, and journaling to unlock a new relationship within ourselves and with each other. These programs are intentionally structured to create transformation for the girls who participate.







Teacher Curriculum


Goal: To give teachers and coaches a structure to educate the youth of world on the importance of personal development, leadership, self-responsibility, and self-awareness.

This curriculum is forever evolving based on needs of the collective. It is currently one 12 week course including course outline, detailed weekly lesson plans, and access to online videos for additional instructional tips. *suggested age: 11+ 







We are excited to announce our collaboration with En L'air Academy of dance for the 2018/2019 Season! 


This class will participate in conversation, build confidence, learn helpful coping mechanisms. We will deep dive into self-love and explore what it means respect to those around us. This class will compliment professional division and other dance classes well as it will build respect for one another within the studio community and prepare us to enter competition. Classes will also explore improvisation and self-love through movements and build comfort in students natural bodies.


Saturdays 3:30-4:00

This is a 9-month session and WILL NOT participate in the recital.


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