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Collaborative Programs

Goal: Create a deep sense of love and community,  understanding of the self, and long-term personal development and leadership for girls.


Our collaborative programs work with pre-existing communities of youth for a minimum of 12 weeks. Each week will expand upon the previous week's lessons leaving participants with a well-explored understanding of the self and community.


The age of the participants will play a factor in what content is focused upon over the 12 weeks. 

For ages under 10, we focus on reinforcing self-love, positive affirmations and how we can be young leaders. For ages over 11, we focus on tools that can help us work through inevitable challenges that come with moving into adolescence. For ages 16 and over we focus on positive mindset and self-awareness while making transitions into adulthood.


We incorporate various meditation technics, discussion, dance, and journaling to tie together concepts.  


To discuss potential collaborations please contact Madison at



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