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About Madison

Welcome, dear friend to the story of me. 

I, Madison Ariel, was born in Calgary AB Canada. The details of my life are positively riveting I assure you; however, I'm not sure they are entirely relevant to knowing what kind of person I am.  

My life has consisted of some highs, some lows, some laughs, some cries. I have experienced success, failure, satisfaction, disappointment, love, and heartbreak. I have embraced deep loss and embraced the exciting winds of change. 

I am forever a student of life. I can at times have a love-hate relationship with the lessons life brings me, as they frequently insist that I stretch further than I want to. One of the biggest lessons I have learned so far is trusting when life gets hard it is my escort towards everything I never knew I wanted. I have been rerouted many times away from what I thought I wanted at the time and towards new things better than I could've ever imagined. 

I am on a path of continuously being open to discovering new layers of myself, what lights me up, what scares the shit out of me, what brings me joy, and what no longer serves. I have been focusing on bringing my entire life into alignment with what my soul feels is in the highest good. As it stands right now I am lit up by teaching dance to the most incredible young humans, by integrating breathwork with my Reiki practice, and by having deep conversations on my podcast Ends With Me. 

Dance has always been apart of my life. I have vivid memories of choreographing dances with my reflection in the windows of my childhood living room; my family jokes that I danced before I walked. I have taken ADAPT Year one, Acrobatic arts Module One, En L’air Academy Aerial Instructor Training - Aerial silks levels 1-6. I have been teaching since the age of 16 and am always moved by witnessing the learning process my students go through. I am so proud of all of the kids I have had the joy of working with. 

Reiki came into my life in 2017 through a series of synchronistic events where I was introduced to the Usui Reiki Lineage at Luna Holistic in Calgary. My instructor Samantha Baldwin shared her wisdom of Usui Reiki with me as well as teachings of the goddess. This lead me to unlock the divine feminine energies inside of myself. As of 2020, I have begun incorporating breathwork into my Reiki offerings as I have discovered it enhances the healing process and supports in accessing deeper states of consciousness. I am excited to be continually growing my knowledge of breathwork over the next while. 

Ends With Me has become my platform to integrate my healing journey so that other people may receive permission to begin or continue their own journey of self-discovery. I am excited to watch this platform and community grow as we bring ends to cycles of trauma, abuse, and suffering.  

If you have taken the time to read to the bottom of this page, I love and appreciate you! 

Much Love! xo 


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