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About Us

 Her Time 2 Shine facilitates a deep dive into self-discovery, self-love, and self-expression. Using methods that include: meditation, group discussion, artistic creation through dance, and journaling exercises.





Why meditation?

We believe that meditation is the quickest way to connect to the self, become present in the room, and become receptive to new ideas and concepts. When we meditate we are calming the brain which can ease symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.



Why group discussion?

When we discuss the things that are "real" and "alive" for us we create a community of women that can empower each other. It also establishes the understanding that we are not in it alone in what we are dealing with. Topics such as self-confidence, body-image, relating with others, and self-worth, we have found most young women can sympathize with. It is important for us to understand we are NOT the only ones who go through these challenging internal dialogs.   


Why dance?

Dance allows us to get the energy flowing through our bodies. It adds an element of fun to our work and lightens the mood in any room. Dance can give us access to pure joy, connection, and love as we tap into our creative energy and allow our bodies to move with the music.

Why journaling? 

Journalling allows us to connect to our inner thoughts and dialog. It creates an outlet for us to express ourselves and reflect on what we are thinking and feeling.  


Madison English


Madison began her journey with personal development in 2015. She has since discovered her passion for empowering youth to discover their inner power. Programs such as Landmark's Curriculum for Living, Alexi Panos' Soul School, Reiki Master Training, Monique Benabou's Redefine the Divine, and countless books have played a role in influencing Madison's personal development. In addition, she has training in teach ADAPT Dance Syllabus and Acrobatic Arts Module One. She draws from these influences and her experience teaching to create her programming. In her teen years, Madison was a passionate dancer and was grateful for the few female role models in her life that taught her about love, gratitude, and being kind to yourself during times when navigating life felt impossible. Her life's mission is to create a world where young women can be free of self-limiting beliefs, giving them the opportunity to create a life they truly love. This has led her back into teaching dance and founding Her Time 2 Shine as a platform to achieve her mission. 

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"Madison is a delightful young lady with a positive and refreshing outlook. She is confident and sweet, and she models these amazing qualities for adolescents. It is evident that she is passionate about shaping young minds and empowering young ladies. She is able to connect with pre-teens in a way that motivates and inspires them. It’s rewarding to speak with students after they’ve taken her “Time to Shine” class and observe the increase in their self-esteem and self-worth. As a middle school teacher and mother, I would recommend Madison and her “Time to Shine” program to any adolescent - male or female. In a world where kids can truly feel inadequate, Madison is able to find and celebrate the inner beauty of every individual she works with." 

- R. Crossland (Junior High School Teacher)


The experience I had at Her Time 2 Shine wasn’t what I was expecting. I was very moved by all the teen’s experiences they had. I found it difficult to talk about my struggles, but I felt very supported by Maddie and the safe space she created. I loved how much advice and support everyone gave to everyone. It was even better that they had cupcakes!

~Trinity B. (Participant) 

Madison is a magical being who has a big mission in life. Her intuitive skills and passion is the reason I immediately signed my teen up for Her Time 2 Shine. She was able to create a safe space for my teen to open up about her feelings amongst other teens she had just met.

~Samantha B. (Mother)



"My experience working with Madison was amazing! She held such a safe and empowering space, and I experienced so much growth with her support and guidance."

- Leanne J 






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