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Embody Love, Awaken Love

As I remember and embrace who it is I truly am I grant permission for others to do the same. 

Healing Arts

Reiki is an ancient healing modality with roots in Japan. Reiki combines energy work, healing touch, intuition, and loving sacred space to bring clients into alignment with their intention for their Reiki session.

Breathwork is a practice with the power to move life force energy within the body. Our bodies hold psycho-emotional patterns, at some point in our lives these patterns served us for our survival; however, they may no longer be serving you in the present moment. During Breathwork we are able to tap into deeper understandings of these patterns and in some cases rewrite the patterns, opening up the body, mind, and spirit to great states of awareness. 

Dance has been healing people since the dawn of time. Dance allows us to connect with our bodies, tap into the rhythm inside of us, and express that which can not be said in words. Not only is dance a physical practice that provides our bodies all the benefits of exercise it also connects us to our souls.



Ends With Me

A podcast to raise the world!

Your host, Madison Ariel, brings together the minds of those who desire to change our global mindset, how we relate to one another, our children, and ourselves.


By healing ourselves we impact the healing of the entire planet. You are capable of ending generational cycles of suffering.


This podcast is an invitation to dive deeper into your own healing journey, so together we can change the world! In today's world, it is evident shifts in our collective consciousness need to be made in order to heal the broken disconnection we are experiencing; for ourselves, for our children.


I have been told I am many things; a dancer, a role model, a friend, a Reiki Practitioner/Master, a teacher, a traveler, a student. 

Most of all though I call myself a lover of life. My life journey has been a bucket of laughs and a handful of lessons.

About Madison

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